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Lawyer in Moscow - family law (divorce, wedding, division of property, paternity, alimony and so forth) as well as criminal cases, debt collection and so on...


This is a personal blog of a lawyer in Moscow - a member of the Moscow Bar.
My name is Konstantin.
I can represent your interests in civil court and defend you in criminal cases at the investigation stage and in court.

Need a lawyer in Moscow?
I will be happy to help you with the following questions:
- Family law: divorce, marriage, division of property, paternity, child support and so on ..
- Criminal cases: protection in criminal cases at the stage of investigation, inquiry and in court, consultation on criminal matters;
- Debt collection from individuals and organizations in Moscow and Russia.

I do not deal with migration law (entry and exit from Russia and visa issues) and corporate law (opening and closing legal entities in Russia).

To contact me by phone + 7-916-579-33-83 via WhatsApp in one click, please, click on this line and write your question.
For example: "I'm John from Birmingham, I need to divorce my wife in Moscow."
A short consultation through Wha…

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Адвокат Кудряшов Константин Александрович
Регистрационный номер 77/10951 в реестре адвокатов Москвы.
До поступления в адвокатуру работал юристом в "Нефтяная Компания Руснефтехим" и следователем в Следственном Комитете РФ.
Адвокат с 2012 года.
Возраст: 37 лет.
Женат, 2 детей.

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